Big data, for the real-world.

The world's most powerful engine for location intelligence and crowd telematics – powered by millions of signals from cellular networks, social networks and wifi hotspots.

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50 Million Pings Per Day

To put the power of the our engine into perspective, consider this: our cloud currently collects and processes over 50 million location events from cellular, social and wifi networks per day, that's more than 675 pings per second – and we are only getting started.

Features available with LocationGenius®

Here are just some of the features built into our platform.

Traffic Insights

Discover volumetric insights about shoppers/visitors including comparative growth and decline in your total traffic share, versus competitors.

Real-time & Historical Data

Compare historical and real-time data or extend trends to assist with predictions and forward-looking plans.

Privacy By Design

Privacy policies are embedded directly into the platform’s DNA and wherever possible, we go above and beyond to ensure maximum anonymity.

Shoppers vs. Walkthrough Traffic

Discover the difference between visitors who are walking into your store and those who are walking right by you.

Demographics 2.0

View traditional demographic data such as Household Income, Ethnicity, Age, Gender plus Demographics 2.0 insights such as whether your customers download games, jog in the mornings, or golf on weekends.

Live Sports & Entertainment

Discover the real composition, volume and visit behaviour of audiences for live sports and music events with macro and micro-level analytics.

Diverse, Macro and Micro-Level Applications

The engine's underlying technology is based on acquiring and then processing macro-level and micro-level location data. This means, depending on the application and the client, our platform can overlay different layers of data to help you see a more complete story - this is something that sets us apart.

Discover, Adjust and then Delight.

There’s more to brick and mortar analytics than just counting traffic. What if you could actually dig down and find out who your customers are and where they come from? Or better yet, what if you had a real profile of your customers based on what they do on weeknights, or where they hang out on weekends? Are they homebody’s or are they late-night rockstars? Do they club or do they pub? Maybe they hit up yoga-studios three times a week – that might be good to know.

Our engine is designed to profile customers based on passive data from cellular networks, social networks and on-site, private networks so that your business can make more informed decisions to better serve and reach your customers.


Public Planning Insights for Data Dependant Organizations.

LocationGenius delivers invaluable and dynamic data about how the population at large, travels throughout the city and through and from neighbourhoods and major commercial centres. This data is anonymous and at the cluster-level, and yet super insightful for public planning agencies. It includes origin-destination insights, traffic flow and congestion data and historical migration patterns and trends that expose rich insights to support forward-looking plans at the city, regional or neighbourhood level.

Whether it is for transportation infrastructure or major commercial centres, LocationGenius is a powerful tool for data-dependant organizations.


Say Goodbye to ‘Lawnchair Analytics’, Say Hello to Real-Time Data.

The world of out of home media and advertising is changing. More digital displays means the prospect of paying for a billboard based on real-time traffic is finally realizable. With LocationGenius, advertisers and out-of-home media organizations can validate audience sizes, profile audiences, truly understand the exposure any media placement actually receives and discover trends and migration patterns to better predict the value of billboards and out-of-home media throughout any major market. Gone are the days organizations had to hire summer students to sit and count traffic to try and understand the estimated traffic for media placements across the city.

Our engine is designed to identify candidate locations for media and deliver real-time and historical data for current placements, anywhere, including volumetric data and profiles based on true exposure to media.Advertising-Banner

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