Crowd-sourced location analytics

We are data people, we believe in the prospect of uncovering 'invisible' data to help make sense of all of the consuming, driving, walking, running, watching, eating and buying that is going on in the 'real-world'.

Location Intelligence Solutions

  • Business Intelligence Platform

    Business Intelligence Platform

    Whether your interested in data for a coffee shop, an entire neighbourhood, a shopping mall or a city at large, the LocationGenius® platform is powered by both macro and micro-level data so that you can enjoy the full view or hone in on exactly what’s happening inside a POI.

  • Analytics, as a Feed

    Analytics, as a Feed

    Via offers access to full, real-time streams of LocationGenius® data for realty, finance, advertising and mapping applications to bring the power of location data to 3rd party services, apps and tools for clients and partners.

  • Data Labs

    Data Labs

    Let us uncover tangible and value-added opportunities with our 'Decision as a Service' model. A hybrid of our data aggregation and insights discovery engine, our Data Lab will help you with value mining and prescriptive analytics to truly realize the value of all that data.

Diverse, Expansive Data Sources

To put the power of the engine into perspective, consider this: our cloud currently collects and processes over 50 million location events from cellular, social and wifi networks per day, that's more than 675 pings per second – and we are only getting started.

  • Cellular Networks

    Cellular Networks

    Anonymous, bulk-positioning data from cellular networks powers the platform and provides a dynamic, albeit faceless, view of how clusters of people are migrating from area of the city to another.

  • Sensor Networks

    Sensor Networks

    In order to zoom in and truly understand traffic and people-flow data for a location, our platform connects to micro-level, on-site wifi, energy and Bluetooth® sensors.

  • Social Networks

    Social Networks

    Geo-stamped posts and interactions across a variety of social networks including Twitter, Instagram and FourSquare. User data is only based on what is made public and not private by users.

  • App-Based Data

    App-Based Data

    Most apps complete some sort of location-polling to support the service or in order to target advertising to your location (so that you don't get an ad about a pizzeria in the UK when you're in NYC).

  • Wearables


    Most recently, the LocationGenius platform is mining the possibilities of aggregated location and contextual data from wearables such as watches, digital fitness gear and other digital accessories.

  • POS & Commerce Data

    POS & Commerce Data

    Our platform can interpret location-based, bulk and anonymized data from point of sale systems, credit cards and loyalty programs including average basket size, customer profiles and store-by-store comparisons.

Real-time and Historical Location Data

Traditionally, location data was limited to static and stale data from public surveys or people sitting in creepy vans parked at intersections, counting traffic. LocationGenius transforms anonymized data from cellular and social networks into rich, real-time and unbelievably insightful location data.

Insights & Analytics

Our engine works in lat's and long's, which means regardless of the data source, the goal of the engine is to add layers and context to locations (parks, buildings, stores, stadiums, etc.).

Volumetric Data

LocationGenius aggregates, interprets and delivers ‘volumetric’ data such as visitor volume, peak-times, visit duration and frequency for any location. Our clients can access the richest location analytics and data in the world, in real-time and historical to identify trends and uncover the migration patterns of their current and future customers.

Profile Insights

The other half of our engine is always trying to add context layers to the location-data we are receiving from the various sources. To do this, our profiling engine plugs into postal code data, behavioural streams, census data, and a growing number of other in-house and 3rd party sources. This transforms the sterile data into meaningful, and actionable segments of customers. 

Location-Based Sentiment Engine

The Via platform currently aggregates geo-stamped data from social networks in layers to help profile people traffic in and out of any area based on what the aggregate of people in that area are talking about. This level of sentiment and semantic analysis is done using only public-sphere data and is designed to shed light on the general sentiment of clusters in and around any location or custom-area.


We have enjoyed some great press in our first year and and more importantly we value the public dialogue on our space.

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